There are several distinctive characteristics that define Mary Jane’s Headquarters - friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable, innovative and an abundance of variety.

It’s this combination that enables us to ensure the best shopping experience possible, with new custom merchandise and customized service to set ourselves apart.

After a decade in business with two retail locations, we carry a wide selection of smoking accessories, vaporizers, cigars, hookahs, shisha, pipes, body jewelry, incense, home décor, e-cigarettes, premium e-juice and clothing.


Mary Jane’s Headquarters is committed to the best shopping experience in the marketplace by delivering exceptional customer service, top-quality and a wide selection of merchandise.


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Definite Detox 1oz Cleansing Liquid w/ 4 Capsules Information

Apr 13, 2016

Instructions: First drink the 1oz liquid concentrate and follow up by swallowing the 4 cleansing capsules.  Easy! Because this product in concentrated, you will now have to drink 32oz of water at a comfortable but consistent pace.  Not too slow and not too fast! Wait 15 minutes before drinking an...

Premium Detox 7-Day Herbal Cleansing System Information

Apr 13, 2016

Daily 7-Day Regimen   ONE day before you begin your 7 day cleanse: Take all 4 capsules from the Jumpstart Dietary Supplement with 24oz of water.  For your comfort, wait 15 minutes and then drink an additional 12-24oz of water.  Try to not eat any large meals while using this product,...