Kelowna Glass Blowing

Artist Bio:
Sebastian Latour has been working with glass since 1997.  A veteran in the glass blowing field, he has taught many glass blowing students who now have succsusful glass blowing businesses.  These artists include Redbeard Glass, Mistic Glass, Casheon Glass and many more.
Since 1997, Sebastian has been teaching and apprenticing numerous glass blowers interested in pyrex glass blowing.  From full time apprenticeships to day-long classes, Mr. Latour is passionate about his commitment to teaching people the correct way to apply all kinds of glass blowing techniques in their adventure through the glass world.  From beads to pendants, sculptural and blown art, Sebo is committed to having you leave with the knowledge you need to start blowing glass at home.  As a pioneer in the Canadian glass industry, Sebastian started in a small backyard shop on a small torch and now his art can be found in Hemp stores across Canada.
Though self taught Sebastian has taken bead classes similar to the one offered here, studied at Seneca College under Andy Kuntz, a world renound glass blower and now has 20 years experience to offer.
Join him in his teacher’s assistant Cashe Callaghan for an exciting, fun-filled and educational day in the field of glass blowing.  Hope you like Reggae music!


Available Classes

Introduction to Glass Blowing

Intermediate 1: Glass Jewelry and Marbles

Intermediate 2: Introduction to Glass Sculptures

Intermediate 3: Introduction to Glass Blown Art

Intermediate 4: Intro to Glass Blown Pipes

Advanced Glass Blowing Classes



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