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Our West Kelowna store location has access to all our popular gear without crossing the bridge!


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West Kelowna

1812 Bylands Road
Phone: 250-769-9325

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Definite Detox 1oz Cleansing Liquid w/ 4 Capsules Information

Apr 13, 2016

Instructions: First drink the 1oz liquid concentrate and follow up by swallowing the 4 cleansing capsules.  Easy! Because this product in concentrated, you will now have to drink 32oz of water at a comfortable but consistent pace.  Not too slow and not too fast! Wait 15 minutes before drinking an...

Premium Detox 7-Day Herbal Cleansing System Information

Apr 13, 2016

Daily 7-Day Regimen   ONE day before you begin your 7 day cleanse: Take all 4 capsules from the Jumpstart Dietary Supplement with 24oz of water.  For your comfort, wait 15 minutes and then drink an additional 12-24oz of water.  Try to not eat any large meals while using this product,...