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The BeeKeeper 2.0 Thick Oil Vaporizer


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The HoneyStick BeeKeeper 2.0 Thick Oil Vaporizer is an upgrade of HoneyStick's top selling: the BeeKeeper. After surveying their customers and dispensaries, HoneyStick created a vaporizer with a wide bore and a deeper opening that will accept the wides of prefilled carts and better conceal 1ml / 1g cartridges. The wider bore is equipped with a proprietary extra-strong magnet that fills out the diameter of the opening creating a more secure connection and stronger polarity. This means that skinner cartridges will not wobble in the wider bore. They also improved the electronic output system and battery capacity allowing improved flavor, larger clouds/intensity, and longer battery life between charges. 


  • High Capacity 650mAh / 4V / 20W MOD Concealer
  • Super car chameleon paint job
  • High-performance 510 tank with stainless Mouthpiece and improved heater
  • Ultra Wide Bore Opening to fit ALL THICK PREFILLED cartridges
  • Slim unique design with quality build and feel.
  • Most Rips & Awesome Flavor
  • Proprietary low resistance magnet design for a stronghold and maximized electric current
  • Colour: Black

Package includes:

  • BeeKeeper 2.0 20W / 650mAh MOD Power Plant
  • Refillable Oil Vape Tank
  • 12mm Wide Magnetic Conceal Adapter
  • Micro USB Charging Cable

Note: the old replacement magnet is not compatible with the BeeKeepper 2.0