Red Eye Tek 15" Tall Metallic Terminator Finish Radiation Beaker Tube Bong


 The Terminator Bong line of pipes is known for the same durability, cutting edge construction, and kickass 80's style retro aesthetics.

Like all their pieces this bong features a chromatic metallic finish that can’t be found anywhere else. Meaning that they keep it a closely guarded secret and if anyone tries to duplicate it they have permission to send a robotic assassin after them.

Typically pipes are reinforced at joint sections with marias, and this beaker bong takes it to the edge and back with ten heavy solid square maries in the neck that adds durability, and look kick ass.

Height: 15in
Base width: 6in
6mm borosilicate
14mm female ground joint
14mm male funnel bowl with diamond handle
10 solid square marias
Clear polished joints
Multiple colors
Flat heavy mouthpiece
Iridescent metallic finish
115mm side slotted downstem