Red Eye Glass 20" Tall 7mm Thick Carerra Beaker Tube w/ Showerhead Perc

By Red Eye Glass

$ 189.99

Fresh for the new year, Red Eye Glass has pumped out these GLORIOUS 20" tall behemoths of glass for us all to drool and oggle over!

Having three separate areas housing that beautiful Carerra-styled glass colouring, these beaker bongs will definitely grab your buddies' attention as you haul a killer cloud all the way through it's thick as FUCK base as well as its pretty showerhead percolator looming overhead.

And hey!  These even come with a built-in magnet to help you keep a close eye on your lighter - because who else, asides from us, is sick and tired of losing your lighter at every bong pass?!


- Colours change frequently, guys, so give us a shout at 250-491-9345 for what we can get our hands on!