Milkyway Glass 15" Tall 9mm Phoenix Prison Beaker Bong


These beautiful beaker bongs made by Milkyway Glass have a sleek, stylish look to them that will be a center piece for sure! Not only are they incredibly good looking, they are also 9 mm thick! All of they're designs are etched in and frosted so they will never wash off! 

The Chronicles of Kush: Darthor Vs Vera – This 15” beaker dong depicts the legend of Vera the Phoenix and Darthor the Dragon. After a long battle in 3205 BC, Vera imprisons Darthor in an impenetrable cage deep in the depths of Estalan. The saga of these two titans will continue as more waterpipes are released, stay tuned to learn more of their epic tale.

Includes Downstem and 14mm Dry Herb Bowl.