HOSS 9" Tall 7mm Thick Perc Build-a-Bong Base w/ Dome Perc

By Hoss Glass

$ 177.99

If you were wanting to start off strong with your next build-a-bong setup, we have to go out of our way to recommend this stunning 9" tall, straight-tubed build-a-bong base from Hoss Glass.

Featuring an ample 7mm thick casing, this lil' turd will be able to hold pieces stacked to the goddamn ceiling without batting an eyelid (if it had them to begin with).

And sporting a very slick reversal-coloured dome percolator inside, you're going to be getting an efficient diffusion rate all whilst having the piece looking rad as SHIET!


- Colours may vary; call us at 250-491-9345 for availability!