GEAR 6" Tall Frosted Bees Knees Inline Perc Mini Recycler (Limited Quantity)

$ 179.99

The Bees Knees oil rig line from GEAR were one of the first new series GEAR had released since the emerging popularity of concentrate-related glassware had emerged and slowly picked up popularity over the last few years.

In some of the most beautiful frosting work we've seen so far, there are little honeycombs and busy bees etched right into the glass - every angle is a visual treat!

The inline perc contained inside, though simple, will do more than good enough to diffuse your smoke before it takes it's next trip towards the recycler portion.

For those who are unfamiliar with recycler rigs, they bring water up their wonked stem and create a water vortex in the teardrop shaped chamber held right next door. This constant churning of water helps keep things moving and cooler for longer!


- Colours available in Colour Changing, Pink, Smoke and Clear!

- Joint Size: 14mm