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GEAR 16" Tall 2-Arm Tree Perc and Cloud Perc Tube

$ 139.99

This water pipe from GEAR not only has one interesting percolator chamber... but two!

The 2-arm tree perc concists of two straight glass tubes ending in a slanted slit globe on either stem.  This style is rarely seen.  And come to think of it... we don't think we've seen this style featured on ANY other glass water pipe!

Hovering right overhead is the second perc chamber.  This chamber resembles an upside down showerhead perc - which does the same thing!  But hey, if it's different looking - you gotta give it a new name.

On top of all that aforementioned jazzery, there's also an ice pinch thrown in there to help make things even smoother.  So watch yourself if this is the water pipe you grab from us!


- Available in Gold!