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GEAR 9mm Thick Beaker Bong(Limited Quantity)

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Aaaah, the awesome thing about a beaker base water pipe is that it embodies the best aspects of both the straight and tubed models. How? The beaker style is able to hold a large amount of water (like the bubble tube) and is also able to cover a wide area of space on the bottom - giving it extra stability (like the straight tube).

And like on the rest of GEAR's 9mm TANK series, their ground joint still has that thickness upgrade - so there'll be no need to fret about your glass joints getting too stressed out!

And with that ice pinch being located further down the water pipe's near foot long neck, you'll be able to fill in a VERY large amount of smoke-chilling ice cubes.

Always good!


- Heights available in 12" and 18" tall

- Gold decal only!