Dirtbag Premium Foot Bags

$ 13.99

These are some of the BEST hackeysack/foot bags we've EVER knocked around. EVER!

The reason is because they're all filled with dirt rather than shitty cheap plastic beads - which can fall out and poke through the fabric. With dirt, your weight placement inside is infinitely more even and balanced.

You always surprise yourself with how good you can be at hacking when you have a foot bag that's DECENT! 

- Available in multiple different styles! Wa-how!!


The Hempster footbag (hacky sack) is crocheted out of 100% hemp, a naturally renewable resource. Filled with plastic pellets this organic footbag especially enjoys outings to bluegrass and reggae festivals.

Boota Bag:

The Boota bag® is a handmade cotton crocheted footbag (hacky sack). Each one is carefully selected by the WFA staff to insure quality, proper size, and unique patterns. Its smaller plastic bead filler, intricate workmanship, and super low price make this model a steal.

Sir Hemp Sandlord 7 Panel

This hemp (hacky sack) footbag combines two of mother natures finest creations, hemp and sand. Blended together they create one of our most durable sand filled freestyle footbags. This machine sewn 12-panel is the first hemp footbag worthy of World Footbag’s endorsement. It’s nice and round and guaranteed…not to get you busted.

Stellar Staller:

The NEW Dirtbag Stellar Staller footbag is an absolute one-of-a-kind. Not only is it the only footbag with a combination filler of sand, steel ball bearings and plastic pellets – but it’s also a light activated glow in the dark footbag! Night time play is so much more satisfying when you can actually see the footbag! This 12-panel synthetic suede footbag is ideal for freestyle fun, 24 hours a day.

Mega Metal:

From the makers of the Dirtbag comes the daring new Mega Metal Dirtbag. Twelve studded panels surround a steel pellet filled center. It’s a heavier footbag at about 65 grams, allowing it to stall like a sand bag – but with the addition of steel pellets, it kicks straighter and truer. So, not only does it look sensational, but it also performs like a dream!!