Da Buddha Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizer (Limited Quantity)

$ 229.99

Da Buddha Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizer (Limited Quantity) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Arguably one of the BEST quality stationary dry herb vaporizers on the market today, 7th Floor's Da Buddha desktop vape has been a goddamned silver champion on our shelves since almost the very beginning!

Made from high quality aluminium parts top and bottom, the ceramic element-based Buddha can withstand near ludicrous amounts of punishment and heat without batting an eyelid... if it had them.

With a rock solid 3 year warranty, Da Buddha vaporizer is guaranteed to last you the extreme long haul with it's tough, stay-cool aluminium housing, full glass-on-glass connections and the most beautifully adjustable analog temperature knob you'll find.

You can even leave this shit on for DAYS and that heating element won't give a SHIT. True story...


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