Da Buddha Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizer (Limited Quantity)

$ 229.99

Da Buddha Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizer (Limited Quantity) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.


Designed to reduce your consumption while receiving the same effects!  Vaporizing can cut the tar and carcinogens up to 80%-90%. Think what that can do for your health!  Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer-Electric Candle will save you money! Its just that simple. You will vaporize 1/3 to 1/2 of what you currently smoke now. This is not bull, its real. Combustion destroys around 50%-60% of the active ingredients. Because vaporizing does not do this, it's like having twice as much tobacco!


  • Highest Quality Ceramic Heater
  • Super Tough Aluminum Housing
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature
  • Full whip(hose, wand, moupiece)
  • Quick Change Screen
  • Ground Glass Hands Free
  • Stainless Steel Pick
  • Air Intake is Separated from Electronics
  • Stay Cool Design
  • FREE Padded Storage Bag