Cheech 12" Tall Beaker-in-Beaker Perc Tube

By Cheech Glass

$ 129.99

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What is probably one of the most unheard of percolation types seen in our neck of the woods, Cheech has had no problem incorporating it into one of their early successes: the beaker inside of a beaker model!

We know what you're thinking.  And yes, it does look insane.  Absolutely insane.  But consider this: because the diffusion slits are spread out so far, the amount of surface area touching between the smoke and the water is exponentially increased.  What's even cooler is how gentle the whole thing rumbles in your hand... it's like a little engine!

One final thing to bring up are the neat rings worked into the upper stem.  You don't see that kind of attention to detail on something that's only $129.99, so grab it while you can!


- Available in Green and Blue!