Cheech & Chong 9" Tall Peter Rooter Oil Rig

By Cheech & Chong

$ 139.99

As far as stemless rigs are concerned, we found the structure on this particular rig addition from Cheech & Chong to be very unusual!  And not in the bad way, either!

Coming in at a 90 degree angle, this 9" tall oil rig features a thick borosilicate support beam underneath - just to keep things extra sturdy during your dab sessions and any subsequent relocational efforts.

These are also one of the few rigs from Cheech & Chong that have a 19mm joint size; this'll be sure to give you the opportunity to get a bigger nail head on there for some seriously CHUNKY dabs!!


- Joint Size: 19mm

- Colours available in Black and Clear!  YYYUSS!