Cheech & Chong 6" Tall Wink Dinkerson Recycler Rig

By Cheech & Chong

$ 149.99

Okay... even if you're not the hugest fan of Cheech & Chong, you have to admit that their bong/rig names are fucking priceless.  We kind of wish more companies had fun like this!

It's pretty neat how this particular recycler is laid out; with so many dips and tubes, it almost resembles something out of a mad scientist's laboratory!

At 6" tall, this teardrop recycler is going to make efficiently light work of whatever kind of dabs you're bringin' to the table - it's kind of what recycler rigs are known for!

And this piece even has a special divot right on top of the recycler itself.. yes, it's technically to help cycle your water... but what the crapbasket is preventing you from keeping a bit of your concentrate in it?!




- Joint Size: 14mm