Cheech & Chong 5.5" Tall Strawberry Recycler Rig

By Cheech & Chong

$ 99.99

Come on... you didn't really think, among all of the glass that these stoners of royalty have been pumping out, that they'd turn their backs on the concentrate game?


One of the smallest recycler rigs we've seen yet, this Strawberry recycler rig from Cheech & Chong only stands in at 5.5" tall... god DAMN!!  

Due to its small stature, there's not a whole lot of glassy insanity that could be packed into such a small space - but don't let the streamlined style fool you for a second, man!  

Once you get a steady current of air pulling through, you are going to be shocked with just how smooth and TASTY your hit will be.  Trust us :)


- Joint Size: 14mm