Cheech & Chong 12" Tall Basketball Jones Laid Back Tube Bong


Just like their shorter 9" tall cousins, these larger laid back beaker bongs from Cheech & Chong stand in at a portly 12" tall. Despite being a tad bigger, these crisp lookers can still get away being used in a discrete manner!

Thanks to the laid back neck (or lazy tube for the old schoolers), it's surprisingly a LOT easier to hit this style of bong in a more...lounge-y setting. 

So whether you're interested in using a bong that's easy to hit whilst laying out OR if you're terrified of burning your long hair again, look no further, friends!

Labels may vary from the pictures! 

Colours available in clear, colour changing, smoke and teal! • NEAT-O.

* Note We do not include any of the Original Cheech & Chong Packaging due to issues with damage and shipping costs. Thank you for your understanding!