Cheech 17" Tall Mayan Astronaut Beaker Tube

By Cheech Glass

$ 159.99

What is arguably one of Cheech Glass' sweetest basic beaker tubes they have EVER released, their brand spankin' new 17" tall Mayan astronaut beaker is one of the coolest goddamned tube wraps we have ever seen from them.  Hands down!!

The decal itself is a reproduction of an ancient inscription found on the sarcophagus lid of K'inich Janaab Pakal I, one of ancient Maya's leaders.  This image has been widely regarded as the #1 piece of unexplainable evidence supporting the notion that aliens may have made contact with ancient humans.

This image has long fascinated the world for it's obscure depiction of an ancient Mayan piloting something that appears to look like a spaceship; complete with a Mayan operating foot controls, levers and it even shows some kind of breathing device over the guy's nose... and this hieroglyph is from 683CE.