Cheech Glass 13" Tall 7mm Thick Triple Showerhead Build-a-Bong Top

$ 99.99

When a regular showerhead just won't cut it for your newest Cheech build-a-bong set, let Cheech's 13" tall and 7mm thick triple-stacked showerhead percolator spice your shit up!

At an impressive 7mm thickness, this big-assed borosilicate tubing is going to be able to take on massive amounts of abuse (inadvertent though it may be).

And for nuts on the nutty dollar, you'll be grabbing one of the most intense toppers Cheech makes... so what are you waiting for?!


•Please note this part number has been switched to a triple Pirelli Perc. Updated pics soon to come.


- Available in Blue, Green, Clear and Black!