Cheech 12" Tall Fire Hydrant Tube

$ 169.99

Cheech 12" Tall Fire Hydrant Tube is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Just for the sake of putting something out there that's totally fresh and original, Cheech Glass has done it again with their 12" tall fire hydrant bong!  Dang, yo!

Adding virtually nothing to the piece except for unheard of coolness in which smoke can travel through/fill up a hollowed-out glass fire hydrant (a FIRE HYDRANT, guys), this lil' bong is going to make for one damn entertaining piece wherever you wind up taking it!

And what is actually really great to see in a piece like this is how the tree arm percolator is completely fused to the bottom of its chamber - this solid fusing is going to ensure that the tree perc is NEVER going to arbitrarily snap on you.  


Rejoice, citizens!!