Cheech 11" Tall Amber Dragon Sandblast Oil Rig (GIFT BOXED)

By Cheech Glass

$ 459.99

Well, holy shit.  Cheech has truly outdone themselves in the sandblasting department this time around...

Guaranteed to blow the gosh dang'd mind of anyone who takes a second to look it, this dragon sandblasted oil rig from Cheech has to be one of the most intricately detailed sandblast designs we've seen so far.  We were absolutely stunned by just how intense the technique and colours they used to get the glass to look like sanded wood.

You can also notice how Cheech's raised black title is splayed over an equally black glass backing... super sweet.

And to top it all off thusly, Cheech has packed this oil rig into a HEAVILY PADDED GIFT BOX!  This will ensure that your nonsense will sit safe and sound for the ages.  And that's something to smile about :)


- Joint Size: 14mm