RYOT Smell-Proof Axe Pack

By Ryot

$ 79.99

The Axe Pack is the first product to combine total protection for larger, one-of-a-kind glass pieces.  The end result confidently secures all of your valuable gear in a stylish, lockable and easy to handle case!

  • Enhanced zipper closure provides durable moisture protection.
  • Microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create a thin membranous odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted aromas from escaping. 
  • Soft inner-wall padding.
  • Heavy duty shell.
  • Tray incorporated into the lid.
  • Secures a 2.5” 4pc grinder.
  • Padded mouthpiece guard.
  • Removable, hi tech freshness pod with zipper closure.
  • Foam egg crate protection.
  • Colours available in Blue, Black and Silver!