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Red Eye Glass 17" Long Lay Down Bazooka Tube Pipe w/ See The Smoke Cross Back (Limited Quantity)-

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You don't often see lay down water pipes kicking around, so they're always a trip to look at when you come across one. It's like seeing a unicorn or something...

If you're unfamiliar with the lay down lingo, it's a term that basically applies to any style of water pipe that doesn't stand on it's own - hence "lay down"! Difficult to find a resting spot, but dear god do they look cool when being used!

Each colour version of this Red Eye piece comes with a GIANT bowl for party packin', and the clear section in the middle gives you a sneak peak at all the smoke you'll get blasting through.

And it's only $84?? Whaaat?!


- Available in Blue, Colour Changing, Frosted and Green!