Red Eye Glass 12" 7mm Thick Beaker Base Carrera Tube w/ Ice Pinch, Glass-On-Glass Pull-Out and Lighter Magnet Holder

$ 134.99

You've gotta give credit where it's due, man. Red Eye Glass has always made a MEAN 7mm thick water pipe - and this beaker base model is no exception! With a matching striped crown and bowl, it's esthetics are simple and utterly perfect.

It's also very pleasing for us to see that they've built the ice pinch at the VERY bottom of the tube's neck. That way you can get in maximum ice package! And we all know full well that the more cubes you've got - the better.

The magnetic lighter holder is also a really nice extra feature!! Don't you hate waiting what's seemingly ages for your crack at the bat only to find, when it's FINALLY your turn... the lighter has disappeared? Well, you'll be having no more of that nonsense with this rig!

- Available in Blue, Red and Rainbow (what?!)