Pulsar 17.5" Straight Tube Water Pipe Bong with Inline Perc


 The Pulsar upscale horn bowl water pipe bong stands 17.5 inches tall and provides plenty of percolation space for all your smoke. This bong features a 3 pinch ice catcher for an added level of chill and an inline percolator. This 19mm female joint water pipe has bold colour accents and includes a 19mm male herb slide with a handle. Sold in assorted colours that may vary from images.

Horn Bowl Bong Features:

  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Size: 17.5" Tall
  • 19mm Female Joint
  • Straight Body Pipe
  • Inline Percolator
  • 3 Pinch Ice Catcher
  • Bold Colour Accents
  • Includes 19mm Male Herb Slide with Handle
  • Colours Vary