Cheech & Chong 14" Tall Sergeant Stadanko Beaker Bong


Jesus, man... we really need to re-watch all of Cheech & Chong's movies and comedy albums so we can actually figure out what the hell their bong titles are referencing...

ANYWAYS, these 14" tall beaker bongers from Cheech & Chong Glass feature complete glass-on-glass connections and even sport a built-in magnet to help you keep track of your lighter!

And coming in FOUR of today's classic colours, all you'll have to do now is pull a bit of your hair out while you try to decide on what matches you best :)

- Colours available in Clear, Colour Changing, Smoke and Teal!

* Note We do not include any of the Original Cheech & Chong Packaging due to issues with damage and shipping costs. Thank you for your understanding!