How will I know if I'm vaporizing properly?

September 30, 2013

Especially for beginners, knowing when your vaporizer model is locked on to that perfect buttery heat setting can be a touch difficult to attain.  But only at first, like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it you're pretty much off for the races indefinitely. 

Having been there/done that, I'll shave down your training time considerably by jotting down some simple and helpful points you'll want to refer back to when you're trying to clock things in just right!

1) It's better to have a lower heat setting than a higher one.  Why?  Because you can always apply extra heat over time if need be.  The second you burn your material – there's no going back!

2) A long and slowly-controlled inhale always fares better than a power toke. Why?  Because (assuming you own a whip system) the air you're drawing in needs the time to be properly heated  by the element before it can successfully permeate your plant material.  In theory, yes, you can take a quicker inhale if your heating element is hotter – but I don't usually recommend this method because it's far too easy to burn/destroy your plant material accidentally.

3) If the vapour you're producing looks like smoke, tastes like smoke, and smells like smoke -  It's smoke.  These all point to the sign that you have the heat set too high!  If you encounter any of the above, quickly check your herb's colour to see what's going on for certain.  Remember that, ideally, what you're aiming for is a nice, toasted brown colour.  If it's black, scale it back!!

4) Love your vaporizer and it will love you right back.  As much fun as we all have vaporizing day in and day out, these things are still sensitive (and very damageable) pieces of equipment!  I can't believe I actually needed to mention this last point, but people often forget this cardinal rule!  Treat your model with care, and you will extend the life of your vaporizer model full force!




By Nathan Bil, Mary Jane's Headquarters staff writer.