Is there a way to effectively cut down on smoke and smell?

May 16, 2013

By Nathan Bil, Mary Jane's Headquarters staff writer, posted May 16, 2013

Smoking your favourite herb can be the best part of almost any given day.  But sadly, not everyone might enjoy nor even appreciate the atmosphere of smoke and stank that you're cooking up.  So, being the good neighbour (or maybe you're simply trying to avoid becoming homeless), you're hoping to find some convenient solutions. Look no further, uncompromising smoker, I have answers for you!

There's a lot of common sense that play vital roles in helping keep things a little more low key for you.  Open windows, scented candles, incense... the list can go on and on in that regard, but let's get a little more advanced, here!  We carry an item called The Smoke Buddy.  This particular piece of excellence is a handheld device that you breathe your smoke into, and with it's two built-in carbon filters, the SmokeBuddy not only eliminates all smoke, but all smell as well.  Pretty neat!