What is “percolation”?

April 15, 2013

In glassware, percolation is a secondary chamber in a waterpipe where the smoke goes through another stage of filtration.  The point of this is to help further refine the smoke from it's initial filtering via the main water base.  How it works is by having an isolated chamber above the water base that can be independently filled with water.  As smoke passes through it, the chamber simply repeats the filtration process a second time.

What's the point of this?

Extra percolation helps cut down on the smoke's carcinogen content as well as it's heat – which makes smoking a formidable cloud much easier on the user's throat and lungs.  A lot of times, customers come to us with the problem of hacking and retching while trying to smoke.  With extra percolation, this can easily solve that problem with as little as one extra chamber!  However, some waterpipes can have as much as five separate percolation chambers!  I'm sure you can do the math!

Are there different types?

 Absolutely!  Big, small, simple, or complex - the list is ever-expanding! Some percolation chambers are built directly into the glass piece itself, and some can be purchased separately and added later.   These independent chambers are called Ash-Catchers.  As far as the multitude of different types, styles, and shapes that can be available – think of it this way:  You have a straw.  How many ways can you alter that straw so that it's different, but have it still function as a straw?  With a creative mind, the variances are as limitless as they are with percolation!