eCigarette Troubleshooting Guide -- Part I: The Battery

September 18, 2015

eCigarettes have been around long enough by now to be a fairly integral piece of electronica in a lot of peoples' lives.  It's no surprise that eCigs definitely take some getting used to, and for the luddites that are especially new to this, getting the hang of such a small and finicky tech can be quite the harrowing experience.

We've experienced no shortage of questions from our customers about these things, and when you're trying to route out an issue, it's very much a matter of eliminating the variables; some are painfully obvious... whereas some are a little more unusual!  So let's start from the ground up and focus on the battery portion for now:

  • Does the battery turn on?
    • If not, it has either shorted out or simple needs recharging.
  • Is the battery locked out?
    • Click that turd 5 times quickly to turn it on/off!
  • Is the battery charged?
      • No LED response?  Your battery's likely dead, son!
    • Is the battery charger lighting up when it's plugged in?
      • If not, it could be a connection issue OR your charger has gone funky (and not in the good way).
    • Does the battery screw into the charger smoothly?
      • If not, your pieces likely were over-torqued and the threading is now permanently thrashed.  Time for a replacement!
    • Does the battery's light constantly flicker on and off, no matter what?
        • Either your battery's power is nearly fully drained OR there is a connective issue between the battery and your atomizer top.
      • Does the battery's light stay permanently lit, no matter what?
        • Defective battery! If this happens within 30 days of the purchase, bring it back to us with the receipt and we can help you out!
      • Does the battery have a noticeably short charge life?
        • The most likely cause of this is that the battery was not fully charged when it was initially purchased.  When a battery gets used right out of the box, you have permanently shortened the battery's life.