How can I make better use of my concentrate pen?

September 03, 2015

Posted by Nathan Bil, Mary Jane's HQ staff writer, September 3, 2015


With how popular concentrates have become over the last couple years, it's no surprise that seemingly EVERYONE is trying to get the most out of their pen rig.  And because these oil pens are constantly getting updated and flat-out reinvented overnight, there is no lacking of technical hurdles we consumers have to launch ourselves over with nothing but our intuition and ingenuity.

We've put together three game-changing tips and tricks to aid you in better understanding your oil pen.  You can believe us when we say that this list is borne from a lot of personal trial and error, frustration and absolute shit tons of technical- and self-analysis.  So if you're looking for a richer experience with your dab pen, read on up!


1. Using more material doesn't necessarily mean bigger tokes.  That heating element needs space to breathe in order to allow air to freely flow through the tank.  If you cram too much material in at once, you're going to run into huge globbing problems; and that means wasted product!  Keep your application to a minimum and you'll get WAY better and freer clouds as a result.


2. Too much power is an element killer.  Most people these days use a variable voltage battery to help give their smoking sessions an extra kick.  To a point, that's a good notion, but issues arise when residual heat builds up.  As you constantly engage your battery, that heat will build and build and build, and that element can only stand so much!  Keep your voltage down lower so you can vape for longer without having to worry about instant heat death.


3. Inhale SLOWLY.  A lot of people make the cardinal mistake of breathing in as freely as one would from a pipe or a bong.  Understand how an oil pen's element is much more sensitive than ANY other way of smoking concentrate.  Inhale slowly like how you'd sip from a VERY hot coffee.  This takes practice and discipline, but once you got it, you'll be able to get GIANT clouds from even the cheapest and shittiest pen rig out there.  For realzy!