Da Buddha Vaporizer Information

Da Buddha Vaporizer

April 06, 2016

What's Included:

  • (x1) Da Buddha Vaporizer Unit
  • (x1) Hands-Free, Glass-on-Glass Wand Kit
  • (x1) Titanium Tool
  • (x1) Replacement Screen Pack
  • (x1) Padded Carrying Case


  • Advanced convective ceramic-based heating element
  • Convection glass-on-glass heating chamber for optimal flavour
  • Infinitely variable analog temperature control knob
  • High-quality, durable and heat-resilient aluminum housing
  • Glass-on-glass connections for perfect airflow
  • Can perform aromatherapy with the Aroma Top Dish (not included)
  • Can be converted to an e-nail for use with concentrates (not included)

Getting Started:

  1. After the initial ten minute "heat-purge", turn Da Buddha's temperature knob about 1/4 of the full power and allow it a few minutes to heat up.
  2. Pack dry and evenly ground herb 2/3 into the frosted end of the wand.
  3. Gently place the wand into the female end of the Buddha's glass elbow joint.
  4. Slowly begin to inhale and watch for a fine, white mist to accumulate.  You may adjust the temperature control in small increments in order to find that perfect spot.  Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Always keep your Da Buddha vaporizer on a solid surface.
  • A slower consistent inhale will produce optimal flavour an vapor production.
  • The drier and more evenly ground herb used, the better!
  • Start off with a lower heat before nudging it closer to your ideal heat setting.  Once you find it, make a small mark on your Buddha for future reference.
  • You may pack your herb into the wand slightly tighter than normal for thicker cloud production -- just watch out for over-heating your herb!
  • With the wand plugged in, keep the rubber hose as kink-free as possible.  Any subtle movements with a kinked line can cause the wand to twist out.

Warranty Information:

  • Da Buddha's manufacturer, 7th Floor, will cover your unit with a three year limited warranty.
    • This will protect you from defects in materials, workmanship, the heating element and the electrical unit ONLY.
    • ANY Da Buddha's with signs of tampering, abuse, misuse or any evidence of user error will void the warranty.
  • You must retain your original purchasing receipt AND warranty card for successful servicing.
  • For initial warranty inquiries and additional information, you may contact 7th Floor via phone at 1-886-835-6418 or by email at customercare@7thfloor.biz.

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