Deluxe Daddy Vaporizer Information

April 06, 2016

What's Included:

  • (x1) Deluxe Daddy Vaporizer Unit
  • (x1) Glass-on-Glass, Hands-Free Wand
  • (x1) Aromatherapy Attachment
  • (x2) Replacement Screens
  • (x2) Stainless Steel Tools
  • (x1) Removable Ceramic Heating Element
  • (x1) Removable Glass Element Cover


  • Replaceable ceramic heating element (patented)
  • Dual-screened, hands-free glass-on-glass wand
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Removable glass element cover
  • Chrome temperature dial with numbered face
  • 100% food-grade, FDA-approved silicone hose
  • Under-lit LED lighting

Getting Started:

  1. Turn your Deluxe Daddy vaporizer on and set the temperature to your desired heat setting.  6-8 is ideal for most users.
  2. Grind your herb up and fill your wand's chamber after unscrewing the female end from the tip.  Keep your herb nicely levelled off before screwing the female top back on.
  3. After 1-2 minutes of heat-up time, gently place your wand over the heating element and wait a few seconds to allow the chamber itself to heat up.
  4. Gently begin inhaling from the wand's mouthpiece to start accumulating vapor production.  
  5. You may also adjust the temperature at any time in order to nudge closer to your desired preference.  Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks:

  • The more dry and evenly ground/packed your herb is, the better!
  • Due to the temperature being set by an analog knob, watch for an even, white vapor production upon exhaling.  This will be your best way to figure out where your most preferred heat setting will be.
  • Regularly maintaining your Deluxe Daddy vaporizer will ensure clean and plentiful vapor production each time.
  • It's always better to start at a lower temperature and slowly creep up to that perfect "Goldilocks" spot!
  • Always be careful when cleaning out your glass components.  This will ensure long-lasting glass life and little replacement needs.

Warranty Information:

  • Your Deluxe Daddy vaporizer will be backed by a three year warranty.
    • This warranty will cover the heating element, the electrical unit itself and from defects in materials/workmanship.
    • This warranty will NOT cover units suffering from evidence of tampering, abuse/misuse, or any other signs of user error.
  • You will need to retain your original purchasing receipt AND the original warranty card for successful servicing.
  • For initial warranty inquiries and addition warranty information, you may contact the manufacturer here.

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