Ascent Portable Vaporizer Information

April 04, 2016

What's Included:

  • (x1) Ascent Vaporizer Unit
  • (x2) Glass Straw Sets
  • (x3) Metal Screens
  • (x1) Stainless Steel Pick Tool
  • (x1) Glass Oil Jars
  • (x1) AC Charger
  • (x1) Carrying Pouch


  • Glass-on-glass pure vapor path
  • Precision temperature control up to 430F
  • 3+ hour maximum life battery
  • Durable, streamlined design
  • Programmable OLED display
  • Premium quality materials
  • Dual-action mouthpiece
  • Glass-lined ceramic heating element
  • Capable of vaporizing dry herb and concentrates

Getting Started:

  1. Power on the Ascent vaporizer by pressing the main power button located next to the mouthpiece on the top of the unit.  The front OLED display when turned on.
  2. Open the swivelled bottom chamber towards you to reveal the heating chamber.  Load the chamber with your dry herb or oil jars and close the chamber.
  3. Use the +/- buttons to adjust the Ascent's temperature on a degree-to-degree basis.
  4. A digital thermometer will display the rising heat in real-time.  When the set temperature is reached, a steaming cup with vapor lines will appear in the OLED display.
  5. Breathe in from either the retractable glass mouthpiece or haul directly from the Ascent's oval mouthpiece itself.  Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks:

  • ALWAYS ensure that your battery is fully charged before first use.
  • Pack your dry herb a little more tightly for thicker, stronger vapor production.
  • Start off at a lower temperature before applying excessive heat.  You can always incrementally nudge the temperature up as needed to find that perfect spot!
  • Keeping the glass airways clean regularly (especially the bottommost stem) will minimize time spent struggling with air-pull resistance.
  • Breath in nice and slow for plentiful and cooler vapor production.
  • When using the glass oil jars, be sure to let them cool down after use.  They are made from borosilicate glass and will be HOT after a session!

Warranty Information:

  • DaVinci's Ascent vaporizer comes with a two year limited warranty.
    • This will cover manufacturer defects in the Ascent's buttons, OLED display and charge/heat-up capabilities ONLY.
    • The warranty will NOT cover mouthpieces, jars, or any damage/defects caused by rough handling or any other signs of user error.
  • If sold online, you may contact the Ascent's manufacturer via phone at 1-800-336-7224 or by filling out their contact form here.
    • You will need to provide the Ascent unit itself and the original proof of purchase.  (Additional contact information may be required.)
  • If sold at a physical Mary Jane's HQ location, any Ascent vaporizer purchased within it's two year coverage period CAN be brought back to us for warranty servicing.
    • However, you MUST keep your Ascent's original receipt and packaging in order to ensure a successful and hassle-free warranty claim.
    • We will NOT accept any Ascent vaporizer units that do not have these items included.

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