How do I stop my one-hitter pipe from clogging?

November 25, 2013

I find that it's not too great of an idea to pre-grind your material before you pack it into the box's reservoir.  Sure, you're technically getting more stored away, but the problem arises when you try to pack it into the one-hitter pipe itself,  because you're getting such a higher surface area from pre-grinding, so much more can be packed into that tiny, tiny bowl.  When you have that level of surface area burning in a smaller-than-usual bowl ... you know you're going to run into some heightened gunking problems! 

Thankfully this issue comes with a quick fix!  Rather than pre-grinding, simply break your main piece of herb into smaller, more manageable chunks.  Then, with your one-hitter, rock it back and forth when you're packing a bowl - that will grind it up to the perfect-fitting amount every time!

Also, if you're using the metal one-hitter version, you will run into gunk build-up more often than you would with a quartz glass kind.  The reason breaks down to the physical smoothness of the pipe.  With metal, it's going to have micro-sized ridges on the inside because it was a machine-milled pipe.  With glass, however, it's a far smoother surface! And the smoother the burning surface is, the less opportunity resin and gunk will have to accumulate!